December Will Be Magic Again

December will be magic again
Take a husky to the ice
While Bing Crosby sings White Christmas
He makes you feel nice

December will be magic again
Old Saint Nicholas up the chimney,
Just a-popping up in my memory

Ooh, dropping down in my parachute,
The white city, she is so beautiful
Upon the black-soot icicled roofs,
Ooh, and see how I fall
See how I fall
Like the snow

Come to cover the lovers
But don't you wake them up
Come to sparkle the dark up
With just a touch of make-up
Come to cover the muck up
Ooh, with a little luck

December will be magic again
Light the candle-lights
To conjure Mr. Wilde
Into the Silent Night
Ooh, it's quiet inside,
Here in Oscar's mind

December will be magic again
Don't miss the brightest star
Kiss under mistletoe
I want to hear you laugh
Don't let the mystery go now

©1980 Kate Bush Music Ltd.