Full House

Driving back in her car
Watching the wipers
Squashing the leaves away
Suddenly there in the road
Is your old self,
Trying to get out of the rain

I am my enemy
Mowing me over,
And towing the light away
Somehow it just seems to fit
With that old me,
Trying to get back again

Imagination sets in
Then all the voices begin
Telling you things that aren't happening
(But they nig and they nag, 'til they're under your skin)

(You've really got to)
Remember yourself
You've got a Full House in your head tonight
(You've got to, you've got to)
Remember yourself
Stand back and see emotion getting you uptight

My silly pride
Digging the knife in
She loves to come for her ride
Surely by now I should know
I can control
My highs and my lows

By questioning all that I do,
Examining every move,
Trying to get back to the rudiments
(If they nig and they nag, I'll just put in the boot)

©1978 Kate Bush Music Ltd