I wait at the table,
And hold hands with weeping strangers,
Wait for you
To join the group

The tambourine jingle-jangles
The medium roams and rambles
Not taken in,
I break the circle

I want this man
To go away now

With a kiss
I'd pass the key
And feel your tongue
Teasing and receiving
With your spit
Still on my lip
You hit the water

Him and I in the room
To prove you are with us too

He's using code that only you and I know
This is no trick of his
This is your magic

I'd catch the cues,
Watching you,
Hoping you'd do something wrong

Everybody thinks you'll never make it,
But every time,
You escape!

Rosabel believe,
Not even eternity
Can hold Houdini!

"Rosabel, believe!"

Through the glass
I'd watch you breathe
Bound and drowned,
And paler than you've ever been

With your life
The only thing in my mind
We pull you from the water!


And I
And Rosabel believe

©1982 Kate Bush Music Ltd