Warm And Soothing

Warm and soothing,
That's how I remember home
Walking into arms
Through the back door
Hearing voices I know well,
And long for

Cold and boozy,
Our holiday in the Alps
Sitting in the lobby,
Mostly smoking
Choking on the woozy afternoon

I'm reeling in the music
And I've only had a few
And I'm afraid
By the way we grow old,
My darling

Abrupt, too moody,
You making our party list
I remember sulking
On the sofa
For most of the winter
We were strangers

Just one more
To ease the ache,
Before the night takes me
When you stay asleep
On your side of the bed,
Don't look at me,
Don't look at you...

©1980 Kate Bush Music Ltd.